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Puppy Introduction

First visit

Introduction to the salon environment

Second visit

Bath & Dry


Face, Feet & Sanitary area tidy




Free – 30 mins
Bring your puppy into meet us and have a free introduction to dog grooming.
During this session we like your puppy to be able to explore the salon with its wide variety of sights and sounds.
We will show you the correct equipment needed for your specific breed of dog and how to use them.
Plenty of treats and play are part of keeping the whole experience as positive as possible. We will then introduce your puppy slowly to the sounds of the dryers, clippers, scissors.


Your puppy will receive a bath and be dried slowly introducing the different dryers, we are guided by your puppy throughout the process. Depending on the breed and the coat type of dog this will include a face, feet and sanitary area tidy. If nails need to be trimmed or ears require cleaning this will also be carried out.


These are at a reduced price until your dog reaches a year (* as part of an ongoing grooming programme)

Please contact us to discuss Pricing;

Our Services are individually tailored to you and your dog.
Costs may vary considering factors such as the dogs willingness to be groomed, poor coat condition and the frequency of grooming.
We always discuss and agree pricing with you prior to the grooming.

Cocker Spaniel
Tibetan Terrier
Springer Spaniel