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Hand Strip

Hand stripping is a process of gently plucking out the dog's dead coat by hand.
Images of Colette Hand Stripping

We offer hand stripping services for owners who want their terrier type breeds
to keep a hard coat and retain the true look of the breed.

Stripping maintains a proper wire coat, a hand stripped coat is much easier to keep clean. The hard hair does not retain dirt or odours and matting is usually non-existent. It also keeps a more natural look for the breed type.

Hand stripping is a process that involves plucking out the dead coat of the dog by hand.

Hand stripping is suggested approximately every 4-6 months.

This service is also open to other breeds of dogs. Please call us to discuss.

Please contact us to discuss Pricing;

Our Services are individually tailored to you and your dog.
Costs may vary considering factors such as the dogs willingness to be groomed, poor coat condition and the frequency of grooming.
We always discuss and agree pricing with you prior to the grooming.

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