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Can I stay with my dog?

For an improved experience for your dog and of course their safety it is imperetive we have their complete attention.

Most dogs are distracted by their owners presence and will behave so much better without their owners being with them.

We do have outside seating for the warmer days and we are situated in a very rural position should you fancy a short stroll rather than “going away”

Nearby Symondsbury now has a thriving café and an eclectic range of artisan units which is a lovely way to fill the time whilst you wait for your dog to be groomed.

If your dog gets separation anxiety and you believe they would be calmer with you staying, then YES of course you could, please let us know.
We much prefer to groom a calm, happy dog!

If you have any concerns, you are more than welcome to have a good look around our salon.
We also have good viewing from outside should you wish to watch us.

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